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We make your imagination to an animated explainer video.


Explainey offers a unique solution: minimal, eye-catching and tailored to customer needs. We deliver personalized video content to get your message across to your target customers. Our team has developed video content to help to complex businesses to simplify and get their message across from 2017.

Animated video content can be easily shared and promoted on social media, and cause a sensation on websites. We produce animated explainer videos for numerous companies around the world. Get a free quotation today and let’s talk about your animated explainer video!


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There are so many talented artists and creatives needed to bring projects to life: writers, illustrators, animators, directors, sound engineers, composers etc. Explainey is home to some of the best talent in our industry.

Anne Adams

ceo/art director

sean Wayne

project manager


graphic designer

"Explainey team delivered excellent service throughout my engagement with them. We did a series of 6 videos which included many custom scenes, Voice overs and feedback updates. Their patience, understanding, professionalism and prompt responses made the production process such a breeze to work with them!"
Julia Willams
art direcrtor

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